tapas dish, numero dos: gambas pil pil

I’m not a lover of seafood, so when I make anything with fish or shellfish, it’s a treat for Mr Greedy. This is such a popular tapas dish that I had to make it for him – plus, it’s so easy! A couple of minutes prep to slice the ingredients is all you need.

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tapas dish, numero uno: croquetas de jamon

Who doesn’t love tapas? With so many options, there’s something for everybody. I made a selection of tapas for myself and Mr Greedy to share last weekend, and this is the recipe I used for Croquetas de Jamon, adaped from Felicity Cloake of The Guardian’s original. Anybody who follows the blog regularly, you may notice a recurring theme: I love croquettes. Meat, potato, cheese – you name it, I love to cook it and shove it in my greedy gob. These are right up there as one of my favourites – the bechamel has such a warming, creamy flavour, and the ham provides the substance.

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