italian braised rabbit with white wine and cannellini beans

I popped into the butchers this weekend with a firm list of what I wanted to buy. However, I spotted some meat tucked away behind the chicken, and realised it was rabbit. I’ve eaten rabbit before in restaurants and always really enjoyed it, but I’ve never cooked it or even attempted to butcher one. I couldn’t resist, so I bought one and took it away to look at recipe ideas.

As I have no experience with butchering it, I thought that the easiest idea would be to braise it as Italians do, using some Gavi (a popular Italian white wine) and adding in some cannellini beans.

I chose to serve the dish with traditionally Italian sides – creamy polenta and roasted fennel. Roasted fennel is incredibly easy – heat the oven to approx 180Âșc, cut a fennel bulb into wedges, drizzle over olive oil, season to taste and throw in a lemon sliced in half. Leave in the oven for 20 mins.

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