chicken, chorizo and tomato orzo, with a tomato and red wine sauce

This is the perfect Monday recipe. Why? Because it’s a great way to use up leftover roast chicken from your Sunday dinner. Shredded roast chicken works so well with this dish, as the smaller pieces work really well with the petite, almost rice-like orzo pasta. You can of course use chunks of chicken breast or thigh, but shredded chicken from the bone is a clear winner for me.

Orzo pasta is a new love of mine. As a dedicated risotto-maker and -eater, I’ve been looking for an alternative that satisfies those cravings without eating risotto all the time! I love pearl barley too, but orzo is fantastic. It’s filling and tasty, and can contribute towards a tasty yet nutritious dinner for those of us who aren’t scared of carbs!

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cheesus christ: 4 cheese and spring onion macaroni cheese with bacon crumb

Most people… Well, most sane people at least, would rank cheese up there as one of the greatest foods on Earth. It’s so versatile, and comes in so many different forms, flavours and textures. This dish is cheese heaven, with 4 great cheeses making up a creamy, rich sauce, with spring onions and bacon – the perfect combination! Easy to make at home, feel free to tweak it with any different cheese or extra ingredients… I want to hear about your versions of this classic!

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homemade tagliatelle,with chicken, pancetta, mozzarella and tomatoes

Still addicted to using this pasta machine! This time, I thought I’d try something a little easier than ravioli and made use of my tagliatelle attachment.

It turns out I may also be addicted to using yellow tomatoes, but they add so much colour to the plate and taste totally different to the traditional red variety.

You will need a pasta machine with the correct attachment for this recipe with fresh pasta. Here’s a copy of my easy pasta dough recipe to get you started –

This was a surprisingly quick and easy mid-week meal, and can be tweaked with any other additions – next time, I think I may add courgette and peppers.

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pea and mint ravioli with a pancetta butter sauce

I’ve recently become the owner of a pasta machine, and I wanted to dive in headfirst and make something really delicious. This was definitely easier than I thought, but just required a little patience!

You will need a pasta machine for this recipe, and a copy of my easy pasta dough recipe – you can find it here.

This dish looks really impressive – I’ve included quantities for 2 x main meals, but I used this amount to create 4 x starter portions.

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