lunch at 100 chai street, marlborough

OK, it’s official. I have found one of my new favourite haunts. During a recent day trip to Marlborough, the gorgeous and quaint, yet high-brow market town in Wultshire, we were wandering down the main high street. Packed with plenty of pubs and small local shops, it’s great for quiet day out. One tip – take a look in the windows of the many estate agencies. There are some seriously stunning properties available in the area, and let’s face it, out of a lot of our price ranges! No harm in looking though!

As usual, I was hungry (shocker!) so as we strolled, we were checking out the restaurants. Rick Stein’s place stands out, but we decided to wait and see if we could find anywhere else. I’m not a great lover of seafood, and I didn’t fancy pub grub. Suddenly, we came across 100 Chai Street. With its bright blue front and yellow interior, it is certainly eye-catching.

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dry-spiced, roasted chicken supreme with seyal curry sauce, saffron basmati rice and mustard seed and chilli green beans

Now, this is the real celebration of National Curry Week, which took place in the UK last week. I spent ages looking through various curry recipes, trying to find a new idea that I hadn’t yet trialled (it’s harder than you think when you make as many curries as I do). Thai, Malaysian, Cambodian… You name it, I looked. But Indian is my favourite cuisine, and I loved how Seyal curry incorporates onions and yoghurt into its flavour. Traditionally, Seyal is cooked like a stew, with chunks of meat (typically chicken). I wanted to give the dish a little twist, so decided to cook one great piece of chicken with sauce poured over.

I paid a visit to Southampton Butchers this weekend, with the aim of buying 2 x chicken breasts on the bone. Apparently, chicken is THE meat to buy at the moment, and they had no chickens left fresh other than the pre-butchered cuts, such as boneless breast fillets and thighs. Luckily, they dug me out 2 x portions of chicken supreme, which is effectively a chicken breast with the wing still attached. It works perfectly with the dish, as you have the joy of a crispy spiced wing and a chicken curry in one meal.

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aloo tikki with tamarind chana masala

As much as I love good quality meat (ALWAYS from Southampton Butchers), I do also enjoy a lot of vegetarian food, mainly because I’m a potato fiend! Indian cuisine provides some of the best veggie dishes out there, using a variety of pulses and vegetables.

Aloo tikki is one of my favourite dishes, made up of spiced mashed potato cakes. Many versions come with different fillings inside, as well as the addition of semolina or sago to the outside to add extra crunch. With this recipe, I keep the aloo tikki simple, and let the tamarind and tomato chickpea curry do the work – the sweet and sour flavour adds a lot of depth to the dish. This makes a great starter for a homemade Indian feast.

I’m so excited for my trip to India next March, and hopefully I’ll get to taste the real deal. We’re visiting Mumbai, Jaipur, Delhi and Goa, so if you have any suggestions of places to visit or where to eat, please let me know!

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cruising onboard azura – dinner at sindhu

Recently, Mr Greedy and I were extremely fortunate to sail onboard Azura, one of P&O’s 7-strong fleet of cruise ships for 5 nights, calling at Amsterdam (including an overnight stay) and Le Havre. As soon as we stepped on the ship, we knew we were in for a good time. The crew onboard are extremely friendly and helpful, and we had a great little outside cabin near the ship’s atrium.

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potato, tomato and chickpea balti

We always seem to find ourselves with leftover vegetables to use up, but the most popular is definitely potatoes. There are so many potato side dishes to  make, but in this curry it’s one of the stars of the show. Vegetarian, cheap and very tasty!

I served mine with pilau rice and shop-bought naan bread, but you can quickly and easily make chapatis to go with this. The recipe is coming soon….

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chana gosht lamb rump, with lamb samosa

I love a big weekend cook – spending hours focusing on the final details and making as much as possible from scratch. I’ve never cooked lamb before, so this was a challenge but I really enjoyed it.

The chana gosht is made from a recipe published by Atul Kochhar with a small few tweaks, and I used my own recipe for the samosa.

Please go to your local butcher if possible – I manage to buy great quality lamb for a brilliant price, much cheaper than my local supermarket. This meal uses 2 x cuts – lamb rump and shank.

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