lunch at 100 chai street, marlborough

OK, it’s official. I have found one of my new favourite haunts. During a recent day trip to Marlborough, the gorgeous and quaint, yet high-brow market town in Wultshire, we were wandering down the main high street. Packed with plenty of pubs and small local shops, it’s great for quiet day out. One tip – take a look in the windows of the many estate agencies. There are some seriously stunning properties available in the area, and let’s face it, out of a lot of our price ranges! No harm in looking though!

As usual, I was hungry (shocker!) so as we strolled, we were checking out the restaurants. Rick Stein’s place stands out, but we decided to wait and see if we could find anywhere else. I’m not a great lover of seafood, and I didn’t fancy pub grub. Suddenly, we came across 100 Chai Street. With its bright blue front and yellow interior, it is certainly eye-catching.

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eating fantastic italian food in… france, of course

As well as calling at Amsterdam on our recent cruise, we also visited Le Havre. A lot of passengers on the ship had mentioned that booking an excursion was the way to go, but we decided to wander in to the port and see for ourselves. Needless to say, we soon realised there wasn’t enough to do to keep us occupied. Le Havre was heavily bombed towards the end of WWII, and was rebuilt in concrete. As a very industrial city, it doesn’t do much to occupy a boyfriend who loves visiting historical buildings and sites!

We decided to take the train to Rouen, approx. 1 hour away. Rouen is well known as the place Joan of Arc was taken to be tortured, and ultimately where she was burned to death. We looked around, taking in the sights and culture. Rouen was really quiet – the streets were calm, with lots of businesses not opening until the afternoon. After a couple of hours of wandering around, we decided to look for somewhere to eat. We came across plenty of patisseries and cafes, but kept walking until we reached a small bistro called “Tavola Calda”. It looked absolutely packed from outside, so we took this as a good sign!

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amster-daaaam, this place is cool

During our recent cruise onboard Azura, we had an overnight stay in Amsterdam. I went with my parents as a kid and still remember so much about it – how cool and chilled out the people are, how many sights there are to see in the red light district, and just how many cyclists there are to look out for when crossing the road!

The ship docked right near the city, so we could walk to the centre in 20 minutes.

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