caribbean bbq – sides

Mr Greedy and I went to Caribbean BBQ yesterday (yes, in fancy dress of course) and took a few dishes along with us. He was in the charge of the jerk chicken, which was absolutely gorgeous, and I made some sides to take. Here are the recipes for my pineapple relish (perfect for jerk burgers), mango and sweet corn tropical salsa and habanero corn on the cob!

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whole jerk chicken with spicy mac’n’cheese and buttery corn


I love jerk chicken. Who doesn’t? That unique sweet spice that only Caribbean food gives you. Mr Greedy actually makes a fantastic jerk chicken, but I thought I’d give it a go using Carol Hilker’s recipe from Dirty Food. The original recipe recommends 4-6 chicken breasts (skin-on), but thighs and drumsticks would work really well on the BBQ. I decided to try using a whole chicken – the only reason being that you often get a lot more value for money buying the chicken whole. You could then butcher it into pieces or keep it whole like I have.

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