i’m a floozy for scoozi

For somebody who loves food, I can be incredibly stuck in my ways – especially when it comes to eating in my local area. It’s always either the same (albeit amazing!) places that we head to – Lakaz Maman, Coriander Lounge or Chilworth Arms, or we head to one of the new small chain restaurants built in our city centre.

Scoozi is set on Oxford Street, one of Southampton’s most popular spots for socialising over food and drinks. The street is not particularly long, but is packed with a number of both chain restaurants (Prezzo, Pizza Express) and independent but large, thriving restaurants (Simon’s at Oxfords, Max’s Brasserie). Scoozi is perched just on the corner at the end of the road, and believe me when I say I must have walked past it hundreds of times. A lot of friends from work have raved about the quality and food and value for money, so when Mr Greedy suggested paying them a visit after a few bank holiday drinks, I jumped at the chance.

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tapas dish, numero dos: gambas pil pil

I’m not a lover of seafood, so when I make anything with fish or shellfish, it’s a treat for Mr Greedy. This is such a popular tapas dish that I had to make it for him – plus, it’s so easy! A couple of minutes prep to slice the ingredients is all you need.

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