venison steak on a bed of celeriac puree, with potato croquettes, beetroot discs, roasted carrots and port and black garlic sauce

Apologies for my recent absence! I haven’t been in the cooking spirit over the last few days, as I’ve been suffering with a sickness bug. I’m glad to report that I’m back to my usual, food-loving self and can now start to write up this huge backlog of recipes for you! I have so many to share with you, so I’d really better crack on.

I really enjoyed making this dish. Venison is such a rich and gamey meat, and needs to be cooked right. I enjoy mine cooked medium-rare in the form of a steak. I wanted to keep the sides simple for this dish, but opted for rich and earthy vegetables which compliment it so well, with the addition of a potato croquette for a little crunch. What can I say, I’ll always try to find space on the plate for a croquette….

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