lunch at tagine zhor, bath

Recently we visited Bath for the day, and spent the day shopping, sightseeing, eating and drinking far too many cocktails.

The best cocktail I had all day was the Feeling Golden at VinoVino – made with Hendricks Gin, rhubarb vodka, lemon juice, plum bitters, golden syrup and ginger ale, and topped with edible gold dust. It was amazing – rhubarb is one of my favourite flavours, and reminded me of a tangy rhubarb and custard sweet. VinoVino is a great little cocktail bar, with lots of outside seating for the summer. The wait staff were very polite, but it did take a long time to receive our bill. We had to ask a couple of times, and we were sat for 10 minutes waiting for somebody to bring a card machine – they didn’t. Eventually, we left the money in cash, but I doubt anybody would have noticed whether or not we’d paid.


We also visited the Canary Gin Bar, famous for serving Bath Gin, amongst other premium brands, with various mixers and cocktails. I enjoyed a few different cocktails – I really enjoyed the Wickham Mule (left on the below photo), made with Bath Gin, lime juice, wormwood bitters and ginger beer, and garnished with a kaffir lime leaf and slice of fresh ginger. The staff in Canary are great and really knowledgeable about gin – I stuck to cocktails from the menu, but they barmen gave us some great recommendations for Mr Greedy, based on the flavours he enjoys.


On to the food! We spent a while walking around Bath, thinking about what we fancied to eat. We happened to stumble across Tagine Zhor, and noticed they had a table free outside to sit on. The tables and chairs outside were all typical of Northern Africa/the Middle East – tiled with small lanterns. There was a large sign advising that the lunch menu offered 2 x courses for £12.95 – incredible value for a tourism-fuelled town such as Bath. We sat down and had a look at the menu, and immediately noticed that even the drinks menu was fitting of the cuisine. Mr Greedy ordered himself a Casablanca, and I enjoyed a glass of Moroccan Gueroanes Mekness Sauvignon Blanc.


Having visited Marrakech only last year, I was keen to try food I hadn’t tried before. Looking through the starters – on the lunch menu, there are actually more starters than there are mains, so there is lots of choice!! – I noticed potato skins. Loaded skins isn’t the first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Moroccan food, but they were topped with lamb kofta and a fresh cheese called jben. Mr Greedy opted or the mezze – a mini plate of  Hommos Maghribi, Zaalouk, mashouia, shickshouka, Tabouleh, marinated feta cheese, Barba, laadas, bakkoula, khezzou m’shernal’, olives and pitta bread. Safe to say, the starters were absolutely fantastic and went down well. Just the right size before gearing up for a large main!


Between the 2 courses, I went inside to take a look around. Inside, the decor continues with the Moroccan theme, and a small bar at the back of the restaurant is set up like a cove. I followed the stairs down, passing many Moroccan mirrors and artefacts, and stumbled across a mini-bazaar. That’s right – they have actually set up a bazaar selling authentic goodies.


The main course was next, and it didn’t disappoint. Having scoured the menu and think about the food I’d already tried in Morocco, I chose the Chicken Kadra. In Marrakech, the tagines were either flavoured with fried fruits, or preserved lemons and olives. This wasn’t a tagine, but was so tender it could have been. With slightly more of a Middle Eastern influence, the chicken was coated in a coriander, saffron, ginger, chilli and chickpea sauce, served with fluffy rice, almonds and fresh lemon and lime. The flavour was subtle but with lots of depth… Although, I say subtle – if you scooped some fresh chilli on your fork, it was certainly spicy! Mr Greedy ordered the Tagine Begri Bel Mashmash, made with beef, caramelised onions, apricots and raisins, topped with almonds and sesame seeds and served with cous cous. It was very sweet and rich, and the beef incredibly tender.


I would recommend Tagine Zhor to anybody visiting Bath. The value for money was fantastic, our waitress was extremely polite and prompt despite being the only person serving the restaurant and the food tasted great.


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