dinner at the unruly pig, woodbridge

As a continued birthday celebration, Mr Greedy and I headed back to my hometown of Ipswich to visit my parents. We all headed out to The Unruly Pig in nearby Woodbridge – a gorgeous rural gastropub set in a 16th Century Inn. They have the highest rating in the local area by The Good Food Guide 2016, and I had loved eating there previously when they were open as The British Larder, so I had high expectations.

The menu at The Unruly Pig changes monthly, with an additional set menu also changing nearly daily. They pride themselves on using local and season ingredients.

The decor really packs a punch – the bright blue, burnt orange and dark red colour scheme complements the original features, such as the high ceilings and dark wooden beams.

We started the meal with cocktails for the ladies and local Aspall cider for the gents. We enjoyed an Orange Blast – similar to a typical champagne Bucks Fizz, but made with freshly squeezed orange juice and a dash of Cointreau.

My mum and I decided to share a bottle of house wine – an Italian Cortese, similar to a Gavi, which complemented our starter perfectly: an antipasto platter. It was absolutely delicious, particularly the homemade pesto. I often find pesto too overpowering but this was just right. We enjoyed Coppa, Salami and Parma Ham alongside fresh olives and mozzarella.


Mr Greedy tucked in to gorgonzola arancini, with a duck egg – not something I would order, but it looked lovely and he really enjoyed it. I make arancini at home, but normally with parmesan and mozzarella so he enjoyed a change!


I was really torn when it came to main courses. A lot of the mains are fish, which I don’t eat – although my mum loved her roasted cod, served with Italian ham and fresh peas!


Mr Greedy opted for the daily special – stuffed rabbit saddle, braised leg cannelloni and cherries. It sounded lovely, but I knew I’d be able to try his so I didn’t choose it in the end! The rabbit was served in different ways which added lots of texture – I tasted some and it was phenomenal, definitely the dish of the night. A mixture of dark and lighter meats, and the meat was so moist.


In the end, I chose the 8oz sirloin steak. It’s served with beef dripping chips, which I’d heard amazing things about, plus a light rocket salad. With the choice of Roquefort butter, Bearnaise sauce and truffle mayo, I opted for Bearnaise. The chips did not disappoint – they were huge and so crispy on the outside. They had a nostalgic flavour of traditional “Fish and Chip Shop” chips and really hit the spot.

Bearing in mind the steak was supposed to be 8oz, it definitely appeared to be more like 10oz! It was a healthy portion, and came exactly as I ordered it – rare, with no bleeding on the plate. The Bearnaise was thick and buttery and coated the well seasoned steak perfectly. I have to admit, the photo really doesn’t do the dish justice. My dad ordered the same steak cooked medium, and he was extremely happy with his also.


Finally – desserts. Everybody else ate their dishes so quickly that I couldn’t take a photo! My mum isn’t a dessert person, so happily stuck to a glass of port. My dad ordered a chocolate ganache with salted caramel ice cream, a choice that would be far too rich for me but he was very happy! Mr Greedy tucked into a honey panna cotta, with amaretto sorbet. Again, not something I would fancy but he ate every last bit.

I opted for strawberries, white chocolate mousse and shortbread – something a little refreshing after such a heavy meal. I was slightly disappointed with my dessert – perhaps I’m old fashioned, but I enjoy a decent-sized portion and this seemed to focus a lot more on the presentation more than the substance! It was perfectly nice, and the white chocolate mousse wasn’t too sickly – more of a creamy taste than anything.


I definitely intend on returning to The Unruly Pig, as the food was fantastic. Their main stumbling block is their drinks prices – they’re not in a large city, yet a round of 4 drinks including 1 x diet Coke cost us nearly £30, which to me seems extortionate!


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