pea and mint ravioli with a pancetta butter sauce

I’ve recently become the owner of a pasta machine, and I wanted to dive in headfirst and make something really delicious. This was definitely easier than I thought, but just required a little patience!

You will need a pasta machine for this recipe, and a copy of my easy pasta dough recipe – you can find it here.

This dish looks really impressive – I’ve included quantities for 2 x main meals, but I used this amount to create 4 x starter portions.

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spanish lamb – lamb shanks braised in rioja, chorizo and paprika, with tomato and green olive pearl barley and roasted amber and rosso vine tomatoes

After I went to the butchers yesterday and bought a couple of lamb shanks, I spent some time trying to think of an interesting way to cook them. Some obvious cuisines came to mind, but one I cook rarely is Spanish. Not only that, but I can’t say I’ve ever had Spanish-style lamb!

This was really easy to make, you just have to account for the cooking time – the only way to cook lamb shanks is low and slow. It’s a low cost yet fresh dish, which is so hearty and filling.

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meditarranean vegetable and chorizo risotto, with ricotta and parmesan

Risotto is a firm favourite in the greedy household. It’s the dish I won Mr Greedy over with, as it’s not something he’d eaten much of before but I’m something of an expert having made it regularly at university.

This is one of our favourite versions – packed with lots of tasty veg, cream cheese and spicy chorizo. It’s quick and easy to make, and makes a nice to change to pasta.

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braised ox cheek with potato dauphinoise, roasted bone marrow, malted onions, baby carrots, parsley oil and red wine and shallot glaze

Ox cheeks are an ingredient I’ve seen in cook books and on cooking programmes, but they’re not something you see on sale at your local supermarket. I had mentally put this dish together and was desperate to get started, so I gave my local butchers a call (sorry to keep banging on about it, but I cannot stress enough how important it is to buy your meat from the butchers. Not only is it generally a better quality than supermarket meat, it’s very often cheaper or at least better value for money!). They keep some in their freezer as demand isn’t particularly high, despite ox cheeks becoming something of a trendy ingredient. They sell them in packs of 2, so I bought 2 x packs. 4 ox cheeks is a lot of meat, and let me tell you what I didn’t know at the time – 4 ox cheeks is not 4 servings. This amount of meat would easily stretch to 6-8 meals.

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