guinness feast, part 2: beef shin and pearl barley pie

I love making pies – crispy pastry, tender meat and a tasty sauce. This recipe was very rich and flavourful.

I bought my beef shin from my local butcher for a fantastic price, and the fat on the meat keeps it incredibly tender while cooking.

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guinness feast, part 1: onion soup

I love cooking with a theme, and this week I put together a 3 course menu themed around Guinness.

This soup is an Irish take on a French onion soup – Guinness replaces wine, and I used Irish cheddar to melt on the top instead of traditional Gruyere cheese.

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lemon and garlic poussin, with chicken jus, garlic aioli and twice-fried chips

A few restaurants near to where I live offer different variations of this dish using half-chickens. I spotted poussins in my supermarket and couldn’t resist giving it a go with my own twist.

My version of aioli is definitely a cheats method – I’m not a great fan of mayonnaise so I don’t personally take the time to make it from scratch. This recipe uses shop-bought mayonnaise as the base of the aioli, which is still very flavourful and a great accompaniment for both the poussin and the chips.

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chana gosht lamb rump, with lamb samosa

I love a big weekend cook – spending hours focusing on the final details and making as much as possible from scratch. I’ve never cooked lamb before, so this was a challenge but I really enjoyed it.

The chana gosht is made from a recipe published by Atul Kochhar with a small few tweaks, and I used my own recipe for the samosa.

Please go to your local butcher if possible – I manage to buy great quality lamb for a brilliant price, much cheaper than my local supermarket. This meal uses 2 x cuts – lamb rump and shank.

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